Updates page 4 (2017)

created the this page a new page for the new year.
added new affiliate links to Webhosting, Webdesign help

Added a new link to health

3/3/17 Friday
Added new links to Taxes, Jewlery for hair accessories. Have a great friday.
3/27/17 monday
Added new links to health, beverages

Added new links to Science, Government sites
Added new affiliate links to Webhost, Flower, Phone,Computer, Decorating, Furniture, Malls
Removed bad affiliate link from music, College, Webhosting, Webdesign help, webmaster

Removed bad affiliate links from Searchengine, Loans, Jewlery
fixed logo to correct logo for pages i missed them on searchengine, Tools, tickets, taxes, Legal

updated logos to the most recent one on following pages Wholesale, Webserver, Writer, Webdirectory, Religion, Shoes, Personal
fixed broken links on Religion and References

added new links to pet

Removed bad links on taxes, recipe, jewlery,insurance, internet, homeschool, health
fixed logos for recipe, jewlery, insurance.html">insurance, homeschool

5/14/17 Sunday Happy Mothers day
Added new links to internet,
Fixed non working images and links on Internet, Hearing aids, greetingcards
Fixed non working menu bar on internet

5/15/17 monday
fixed logo for pages as follows Games sites, Garden
Looked for and ereased any bad and not working links for pages as follows Games sites

fixed ebay link for my auctions now it works Auction
added contact us form to Contactuspage

Fixed logo for following pages Ebooks, Family
Deleted non working links for the following pages Food, flowers, Eyes, entertainment, Emplyment

6/13/17 tuesday
edited the bottom of the home page to uncluttor it. and edited the contact us page
added new page add url here i wanted to seperate the advertising and add your site here pages to end the confusion. i also created new buttons to make the homepage look prettier they are linked to pages.

updated the addurl page with new payment options and advertising with a new payment option also.

added new page utility
Added new link to utility

6/25/17 sunday
fixed homepage it was not aligned correctly after adding the page on the 23rd
fixed counter on the utility page it was not working
added a new page for free turnkey website downloads, added that link to Computer and Free

6/28/17 wendsday
added more free downloads to Free downloads
Added my youtube channel link to entertainment
Added new link to my facebook on contact us page

7/1/17 saturday
added more free downloads to the free downloads
added new affiliate links to Beverages,battery, Webhosting

7/5/17 Wednsday
Added new affiliate links to Computer, Webhosting, Furniture
really need people to add their links to this site it only cost 1.50 usd per link.

7/14/17 Friday
corrected bad links on Webhosting
Added new affiliate banners on Computer, Banks, Wholesale, Electronics

7/15/17 Saturday
added new link to Web Directory

7/19/17 Wednsday
Added new banners to the following pages health, Computer, webhosting, Webdesign, loan, family
it is so slow adding links because no one is paying the 1.50 usd to add their link to this website there for adding links is very slow going i am sorry for that on here. i am trying to come up with ideas if you have any ideas please let me know by the contact us form.
i have been considering on lowering the price of adding links but i am not sure if that would even help. i am sorry but it can not be free. i get to much garbage links that way and it wastes may time.

7/20/17 thursday
Added new affiliate banners and text links to the following page Cable, Furniture, Baby, Electronics
will be adding new options for buying text links and banners today.
Added new links to Recipe, legal

7/22/17 Saturday
Added new link to Computer, Christian
Fixed bad links on Christian

7/29/17 Saturday
deleted broken affiliate links on the following pages Webhost,Autoloan
added new affiliate link to Autoloan

8/5/17 Saturday
added new affiliate links to computer, Jewlery, Dishes, Decorating, Book
Fixed logo on Book
Added new links to Books

8/7/17 monday
added new links to MAgazine, wedding invations on card page, Insurance, Cars
Fixed bad link on greetingcard
Added new page Camping

8/8/17 tuesday
Added new links to Shoes,Mall

8/9/17 wendsday
added new affiliate links to Jewlery, phone, Furniture, Webdesign
Added new affiliate banners to webhosting, Dating, Mall

8/16/17 wendsday
added new affiliate program for people to join for this website on Addurlhere,Advertisehome page
added stats page to download on Advertising

8/19/17 saturday
Added new affiliate links to College, Furniture, Baby
Added new affiliate banners to Furniture, business

9/9/17 saturday
added new affiliate links to the following pages Book, car, jewlery, Business, Art
Added advertisement for an affiliate program of mine to join on Template
Fixed bad affiliate links by removing them on Art, business,

9/11/17 monday
Added banner rotator from affiliate network clixgalore to main page

9/12/17 tuesday
added new affiliate banners to the following pages health, Employment
Added new affiliate links to the following pages music,Food, college
added normal links for free to the following pages Music, beverages Restraunts

9/13/17 wensday
added affiliate link to the folling pages Books, Ebooks
Added more options for purchase on addurlhere which is for you to add your site here for 1/2 price
Added new options for purchase for advertising

9/14/17 thursday
added new affiliate links to the following pages Decorating, Art, Greeting cards, Wedding, Baby, Computer, clothing, College, Jewlery, Malls, Pet
updated logo on Wedding page

9/17/17 Sunday
Added new page Photos
Added new affiliate links to the following pages Webdesign, Computer, Business, Science, Crafts, Dating, Electronics, Health
Updated logo on Crafts

9/23/17 Saturday
added regular links to Family
Added affiliate links to Computer, medicalequipment
Added a banner affiliate link to Photo

9/25/17 Monday
Added new help page Cellphonehelp
deleted non working links on phone

9/28/17 thursday
updated logo on moving
Added regular links to homeimprovement, Classreunionspetrescue

10/1/17 sunday
added regular links to eye

10/3/17 tuesday
added new affiliate links to Beverages, Photo, Clothing, Jewlery
Added a new page Cleaning
added regular links to Beverage

10/4/17 Wensday
updated the Privacy page with terms of conduct for website
added regular links to Blinds, Addurl
removed bad links on Art, Amusement parks, baby

10/5/17 thursday
removed bad links from business, chat, Christian sites,

10/7/17 saturday
removed broken links from College, Computers,Clasreunions,clothing, Crafts, Crochet, Dating, Decorating, Electronics, jobs, Flowers, beverages, Recipes

10/8/17 sunday
removed broken links from Free,games sites, Greeting cards, health, jewlery

10/9/17 monday
added paid sponsor link to Affiliate network
added new buttons for purchasing advertising and addurl links they are all fixed now even the 1/2 price sale now has a corrected payment button now for those who choose to purchase links for this website on 0.75
removed broken and non working links on the following pages movie, music, news, mc news

10/10/17 monday
removed broken links from personal homepages, pet, phone, photo, Resume, School, Search engines, social networks, Stocks, Web directory, web hosting, Webdesign, Website scripts, Wholesale
added new free links to the following pages MedicalEquipment

10/16/17 monday
Added free links to the following pages Phone

10/24/17 tuesday
added affiliate banners to business, Art Clothing
Added affiliate text links to Games sites, legal, Shoe, furniture

10/28/17 Saturday
added new pages Apartment, House
Added new free links to the new pages

10/29/17 Sunday
Added new free links to Apartment
Removed bad links or banners of affiliates on Phone, Blinds

10/31/17 Tuesday Happy Halloween
Added some new design adjustments to Malls, Deparment stores

11/3/17 Friday
Added new free links to Utility, Html, Java
Added make Homepage link
Added new message bar to main

11/6/17 monday
added new affiliate link to business
Added new prices to Advertise and Addurl here at this website

11/11/17 Saturday
Added new free links to Searchengine

11/12/17 Sunday
Added sponsor banner to Beauty
Added new free links to Christian

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