8/13/15Artlex.comArt dictionary art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art education. Definitions of thousands of art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art education.Definitions of thousands of ArtLex Art Dictionary: more than 3,600 terms defined, many with illustrations, great ... Art Dictionary. for artists, collectors, students and educators.
4/19/15Reference.commedical dictionary , regular dictionary with translator
4/19/15TheFreeDictionary.comdictionary,enclyopedia,and thesaurus
4/19/15merriam-websterdictionary and thesaurus free searchible

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8/17/16Drug.cominteraction checker,pill identifier and drugs a-z
8/17/16KidsHealth.orgMedical dictionary with easy to understand defitions for kids
8/17/16MedicineNet.comconditions,symptom checker,medications, medical terms,pet health
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